Does Your Car Text You?


Whether it's a car, a fleet of vehicles, a bike or any asset, COMPTRACK ensures full fledged tracking!

Avoid any theft attempt, route diversion, sabotage by remote monitoring through your Smartphones or Computers!

Choose comptrack and stop worrying..

Product Features & Specifications

  • Acc Anti-Theft Alarm.
  • Set Authorized Number.
  • Overspeed Alarm.
  • Recover Original Password.
  • GSM Quad-Band Frequency.
  • Real Time Voice Monitoring Function.
  • Real Time Tracking Location By SMS/GPRS.
  • Device Lights Turn Into Sleep Mode After 5 Minutes.
  • Built-In Backup Battery To Realize Power Failure Alarm (Optional).
  • Connect External Relay To Realize Controlling Oil And Circuit Of The Vehicle (Optional)